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Continuing reductions in healthcare reimbursements demand that medical practices work even smarter, utilizing the latest technology to increase efficiency. In partnership with AMSYS, INC., many medical professionals have successfully modernized their systems for practice management, scheduling, billing, and the storing and communication of patient records.

Healthcare Services For more than 15 years, hundreds of healthcare providers in Connecticut and New York have depended on AMSYS to help them cope with the complexities of integrating Information Technology into their practices. AMSYS has always been there to help them reach their goals in the simplest and most cost effective manner available. Rather than confusing customers with technological jargon and complex, expensive solutions to what are often simple problems; AMSYS firmly believes in the motto of "keep it simple". And the simplest solution is often the least expensive and quickest solution to implement.

Whether you are adding an additional user to your system, installing an update to your practice management software, striving for full HIPAA security compliance or building a new practice-wide network covering 5 or 10 locations, AMSYS is your logical choice for prompt, efficient and cost effective IT solutions. Hundreds of your fellow professionals have made the AMSYS choice; from single-practitioner offices to major hospitals… perhaps it is time for you to make the professional choice, AMSYS. To learn more about AMSYS, chose from the menu selections to your left… to learn more about AMSYS Healthcare or HIPAA solutions, select from the menu items above.