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The AMSYS team of experienced professionals has an extensive knowledge of the specific needs of the Medical Practice; from the single-practitioner, single-site office to the largest, multi-site practice (or hospital) with hundreds of physicians and support staff. For over a decade, AMSYS has supported medical practices and area healthcare facilities of all sizes and, for more than nine years, has been the major supplier of contract IT services and computer hardware and software to Danbury Health Systems. We are an authorized sales, service and support agent for IBM, Compaq, Hewlett Packard and DELL Healthcare Systems - to name but a few.

AMSYS Engineers and Technicians have a wealth of experience working with a multitude of Practice Management software programs as well as practice-specific equipment, processes and systems. AMSYS functions as a single point of contact between you and all of your technology providers. By mediating for you, with your various hardware and software systems vendors, we minimize the expense, frustration and loss of productivity that always result from system failures. We eliminate the incessant inter-vendor finger-pointing and blame assessment that always embroils your support staff in seemingly endless conflict. We cut through the jargon and the doubletalk that often create frustration and revenue loss. We are your IT department, working for you and with you to insure an efficient, effective and financially healthy practice.

AMSYS will run your Network… freeing you to run your Practice!