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AMSYS has a team of highly experienced experts in the field of Radiology Practice support. We are up to date with the latest innovations in the practice of Diagnostic Radiology, with a broad knowledge of most diagnostic modalities, PACS, RIS, and Dictation Systems, including the latest Voice Recognition products. We are specialists in the development and support of remote-access diagnostic reading environments that allow Radiologists to read digital radiological studies from distant imaging centers, hospitals or even from the Doctor’s home at night.

AMSYS implemented the first Web-Based Referring Physician’s Radiology Image and Report viewing systems in Connecticut and New York. Now Referring Physicians, for the first time, can view their patient’s X-Ray, CT Scan, MRI, Bone Scan and Mammography images and reports directly from their own desktops… often before their patients get home from the imaging center.Medical Specific

Integrating PACS, RIS, Dictation, Scheduling and Billing Systems to minimize the expense and error resulting from the duplicated entry of demographic data in the separate systems is another skill set provided by AMSYS Radiology IT experts. By mediating for you, with your various hardware and software systems vendors, we minimize the expense, frustration and loss of productivity that always result from system failures. We eliminate the incessant inter-vendor finger-pointing and blame assessment that seem to be rampant among PACS, RIS, Dictation, Network providers, broadband suppliers, Internet providers, email providers and all the other elements that makeup today’s modern Imaging Centers and Hospital Imaging Departments. AMSYS insulates your staff from the seemingly endless conflicts precipitated by this inter-vendor finger pointing.

We cut through the jargon and the doubletalk that often create frustration and revenue loss. We are your IT department, working for you and with you to insure an efficient, effective and financially healthy imaging practice.

The AMSYS team of experienced professionals has an extensive knowledge of the specific needs of the Medical Practice; from the single-practitioner, single-site office to the largest, multi-site practice (or hospital) with hundreds of physicians and support staff. For over a decade, AMSYS has supported medical practices and area healthcare facilities of all sizes and, for more than nine years, has been the major supplier of contract IT services and computer hardware and software to Danbury Health Systems. We are an authorized sales, service and support agent for IBM, Compaq, Hewlett Packard and DELL Healthcare Systems - to name but a few.

AMSYS also has partnered with - and provides support for - Radiology specific vendors such as DR Systems and other PACS Companies; MedFAX, Mantis MedRIS and other RIS Systems; Lanier, Dictaphone, PowerScribe and other Dictation Systems as well as TeleRadiology and CR Systems from companies such as RadInfo Systems, VIDAR, eFilm and OREX as well as others.

AMSYS is usually the first line of support for many practices, saving them time, money and frustration… by calling AMSYS, instead of contacting their software, hardware, DSL, cable or phone modem suppliers.

AMSYS will run your Network… freeing you to run your Practice!