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AMSYS is an Authorized & Certified Service Center for warranty and out-of-warranty repairs for major computer manufacturers such as IBM Corporation and Hewlett Packard Company. Additionally, most AMSYS Computer technicians are professionally trained and certified on the following products: IBM Servers, IBM Workstations, IBM Aptivas, HP Servers, HP Workstations, HP Pavilions, HP Laser Printers, Canon Printers, Toshiba, Generic (white-box or unbranded PCs), Packard Bell PCs and others.

Additionally, all AMSYS Computer technicians and engineers hold multiple professional certifications including A+, Network+, Server+, Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Citrix Certified Administrator, Cisco Certified Network Administrator and others.

If you require service on a PC, Server, Network or Laser Printer please contact our Service Department to schedule an appointment for service, either at your site or in our service center at 900 Ethan Allen Highway in Ridgefield, CT. For Inkjet Printers please contact the manufacturer.

SERVICE & REPAIR FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions) - Otherwise known as Computer Facts, Fables and Fallacies - Please review before scheduling service by AMSYS Computer or anyone else.

  1. How do I know if my problem is hardware or software related?
    • There is no hard and fast method to be sure that a problem is hardware or software in origin. If the PC will not power-on you most likely have at least a hardware problem and, as is often the case, you now also may have a software issue created by the hardware failure.

      Our experience has shown that the vast majority of PCs that are brought to us for service suffer from at least one or more software (operating system and application) problems. Many of these problems are caused by one of the following: misbehaving applications, viruses, demo software, downloaded or ''borrowed'' software, peripheral driver issues and user errors - to list a few.

      Many of these types of problems are intermittent and very difficult (and therefore expensive) to diagnose and repair. Often it is far less expensive to re-format the hard drive and do a clean re-install of the operating system and all applications. For this reason it is critical that you employ regular and proper backup procedures to insure that your data and files are available to be restored if necessary.

  2. What is covered by my Warranty?
    • Software related issues are almost never covered by any computer warranties. Typically, the only things covered by warranties are ''hardware failures caused by defects in manufacturing or workmanship''. Hardware failures caused by misuse are specifically excluded from coverage by most warranties. Misuse usually includes things like: dropping, water damage, voltage overages or connecting other non-approved devices to the computer. Please note that many of these circumstances may be covered by your homeowner's insurance policy. (Please contact your insurance company before bringing a computer in for service if it has been subjected to any of these types of damage.)

      It is always necessary to prove the existence of warranty coverage before warranted service can be performed. In all cases it is best to contact your product manufacturer to receive an RA (repair authorization) before contacting us for warranty service. Also, always bring your proof of purchase receipt to insure quick and easy warranty authorization.

  3. What is AMSYS Computer's turn-around time on repairs?
    • Your product will usually be looked at within 2-3 days of our receiving it. However, the nature and severity of your particular problems, parts availability and software issues (see above) will determine the actual turn-around time on any specific product repair.
  4. Should I upgrade my old computer or buy a new one?
    • When new computers used to cost $3000 to $4000 and technology changed at a slower rate that it does today, it was often advisable to do a system upgrade in order to add a few years to the useful life of a PC. With the advent of the Under-$1000 PC and the almost-instant obsolescence of current PC technology, it is almost always good advice to buy new, rather than upgrade.

      With the exception of adding more RAM or a second hard drive, it is usually less expensive, both in terms of hardware cost and especially labor, to buy a new, current technology computer than try to integrate new technology components and peripherals into your older system.

      The AMSYS Service Department will always discourage a computer upgrade (and may even refuse to do it) if a requested upgrade just doesn't make good economic sense for the customer.

  5. Does AMSYS Computer perform Data Recovery Services?
    • It is often possible for AMSYS to recover some, or even all, of the data from a failed PC. There are circumstances when the physical hard disk has completely failed and data can only be recovered by a Professional Data Recovery Service. We can recommend several services if this becomes necessary, however, these services are extremely expensive and do not guarantee the usability of any data recovered. A proper backup system and proper backup procedures are a good way to avoid ever having to use these services.
  6. Does the AMSYS Computer Service Department offer phone support?
    • While it is occasionally possible to diagnose and correct minor hardware or software problems via the telephone, it is usually less expensive to correct the same problem in our repair department. Here, the technician can utilize all of his extensive array of test software, test equipment and specialty tools to fix the problem. Please realize that the hourly rates for often less-than-successful telephone support are the same as the more efficient in-shop support. If you still would prefer phone support, please call and have our service coordinator arrange a convenient time for a service technician to call you back. Please have a credit card ready for payment if you do not have an open account with AMSYS.
  7. What do I need to include with my computer when I bring it in for service?
    • For most hardware repairs it is important to bring all peripherals connected to the PC, as well as the cables and power supplies or cords connected to each device. These devices include: external modems, external hard or zip drives, scanners, plotters, printers, joysticks, digitizing tablets and mice. Also required are all floppy disks and CDs containing installation software and drivers for the computer and all the attached devices.
    • Depending on the nature of your problem, sometimes it might not be necessary to bring in heavy printers, plotters or scanners… please discuss this issue with our Service Coordinator when you call to schedule your service appointment.
    • For software related problems it is essential that you bring all original software (operating system and application) CD's and floppies. If we must download software drivers and patches from the Internet it will add time and expense to your repair. Please note: It is illegal for AMSYS technicians to install software from copied CD's or floppies, and we will not do so, so please bring in only original software media.
  8. What are you Service Department hours of business?
    • Our Service Coordinator is available to schedule your service, answer your scheduling questions, receive your product for service and allow you to pickup your finished repair Monday thru Friday from 8:45AM to 5:45PM. Technician phone support is available by appointment only (see above). You may, at any time, request a service appointment via our website response form.